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Integration uP POS

Start accepting payments using the uP Payments solution by following these simple integration steps uP POS (required for implementing the in-store payment model).


Reseller clients, enterprises and marketplaces can integrate with the uP POS using the following steps:

Integration steps uP POS

  1. POS walkthrough

    During this step members of the NomuPay team will help you understand how to integrate with the uP POS by:

    • Providing a detailed overview of the solution, integration process discussing and agreeing on proposed timelines and milestones, establishing guidelines concerning communication and meeting cadence, and aligning on roles and expectations for all involved parties.

    • Walking you through internal documentation and, if required, terminal documentation (for uP POS solutions where NomuPay provides the terminal hardware) to ensure your team is comfortable with the uP POS documentation.

      Our team will be available throughout your integration to provide additional guidance and answer any questions that may arise.

    • In addition to the standard integration questions, a few items that would require confirmation on when deploying uP POS are:

      • Do you have your own POS Application?
      • Do you have your own POS terminals?
      • Do you need POS terminals to be standalone or integrated with a cashier system?
  2. Provisioning of MIDs and credentials

    MIDs and credentials will be provisioned and applied during POS terminal configuration. If you have provided your own terminals, NomuPay will share the information with your team and you will be responsible for configuring each device. All NomuPay-provided POS terminals will be configured in-house.

  3. Deployment of terminals

    Terminals that are provided by NomuPay will be deployed by our in-house supply chain team.


    For reseller clients, NomuPay-provided terminals can be deployed in 2 ways, 1) in bulk to the reseller client, who can then distribute the terminals to their merchant(s) or 2) directly to a merchant of a reseller client's site.

    If you have chosen to use terminals that are not provided by NomuPay you will be responsible for deploying your terminals via a designated POS terminal service provider.

  4. Live testing

    Live testing is performed by the POS terminal service provider (i.e., either NomuPay or a 3rd party). The live testing will validate that all standard functions are working, and as a minimum 3 types of transactions are triggered i.e.:

    • A sale
    • A void/cancel, and
    • An end of day settlement (i.e., daily batch activity to trigger the scheme settlement via NomuPay)