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Payment models

The uP Payments solution can accommodate 2 payment models: in-store and Ecommerce. One or both models can be enabled as part of your uP Payments solution. Deciding which model to use depends primarily on your business needs.

In-store model

The In-store model is for payment acceptance at one or more physical store locations. This model makes it easy to accept cards and local APMs (where supported) at one or more in-person locations. The in-store model is implemented via NomuPay's user-friendly uP POS integration (see the Integration Checklist portion of the integration: uP POS section for more details).

The uP Payments in-store model can be enabled by reseller clients, enterprises and marketplaces that:

  • Have their own POS application, or
  • Require NomuPay to provide a POS application.

Additionally, the in-store model supports standalone POS terminals or terminals integrated with a cashier system. POS terminals can be:

  • Provided by your organisation,
  • Provided by a 3rd party service provider, or
  • Provided by NomuPay.

To assess your specific in-store use case please contact our solutioning team.

Ecommerce model

The ecommerce model is for digital payment acceptance via one or more online stores. The ecommerce model is implemented via NomuPay's uP API integration (see Integration Checklist of the integration: uP API section for more information on enabling the ecommerce model).

The uP Payments ecommerce model can be enabled by reseller clients, enterprises and marketplaces that fulfill the following basic requirements:

  1. Have an existing merchant gateway,
  2. Host their own check-out pages, and
  3. Are able to connect to a 3rd party provider for EMV 3DS (if required).

If you do not meet the above criterion but are still interested in learning more about the uP Payments solution, please contact our solutioning team with your use case and estimated volumes. We boast a growing network of integrated gateway and payment service providers that we are more than happy to introduce you to, in order to unlock access to our acquiring services.

Each of the payment models are fully integrated with the uP Platform. This unified approach means that you can, where supported, access the entirety of NomuPay's countries, payment types and payment methods through both physical and digital purchasing channels. See the payment methods section for more information on payment method availability by payment model and country.